This is a topic that has popped up for me many times recently. Not especially for myself, but for others around me, customers that I’m working with, friends with high hopes and a random person I met in a grocery store. It may sound like a ridiculous question, but in reality it’s something that everyone needs to ask themselves. Often times, people have these idea’s and goal expectations that in reality, they may not be ready for.

In my spare time I’ll sometimes sit around and pluck the strings of a guitar. I’ve never had a desire to be a musician beyond my living room though I really love music. The idea of being a full-time musician seems so attractive. Until you realize that you will be playing the same songs for the rest of your life… time and time again. Personally, I need regular change. I need things to be moving and changing around me. I’m not sure I could play the same song for years and still love it as much as the day I wrote it.

When I think about the customers I work with, I realize that they may not really “want” what they are wishing for. With large progressive moves in the technological realm comes responsibility. Building large infrastructures that automate your business could escalate your success. However, to handle that incoming business, you have to be ready.

You must ask yourself how “ready” are you? If you work on building a web marketing strategy that increases your business by 30% that’s outstanding! But are you ready to handle the orders?

In business I always suggest focusing on internal workflows while building strategy to escalate your business. Developing a sales workflow for building relationships, closing business deals, and fulfilling projects is just as important as bringing in business. If you are an eCommerce shop, how ready are you to fulfill orders? If you’re a service based company, how many clients are you ready to serve?

What I’ve realized recently is that the same is true about our personal development. You have to think about what you are lining yourself up for. Are you ready for it? Is your surrounding prepared for it? How will you handle it if it happens? Sometimes you just have a step back and grab some perspective.

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