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In large B2B transactions it’s typical for a business customer to have multiple ship to addresses that they need products shipped too. A good example is a construction company that has multiple active jobs and needs supplies sent to those jobs.

Be sure you are working with a B2B eCommerce system where your customers can log into your eCommerce site and manage the shipping locations for specific orders. They would start by adding items to their cart, continue to check out and choose the appropriate ship to location for the order. The system should be connected to their customer record in the ERP, so if they have multiple ship-to locations in the ERP they will be able to choose which address the order should ship to.

Additionally, if they need to add more ship to addresses to their account, they can do so from their customer profile and the information will be saved to their customer record in the ERP.

Giving your customers this kind of flexibility and control will make their buying experience much easier and manageable. Ultimately, the easier it is to buy from you, the more often they will buy from you.

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