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As a large scale business, you want your customers to have the flexibility to build orders over time and not lose their work. Imagine that your customer builds up large orders over time before processing an order. We have built multiple tools for quick order entry that allow your customers to easily manage the purchasing process. Below are several examples of how these tools are used in the B2B eCommerce world via xTupleCommerce.

Saving your cart for a future purchase

Let’s imagine that you are selling building materials to construction companies. It would not be uncommon for the customer to log onto the site and begin adding required products to a cart but not be ready to process the purchase until a future date.

With our Saved Carts feature a customer can build one or several saved carts to their profile. This means that they can add multiple items to a cart and save that cart to their profile with a name that they choose. They can even save several carts in their profile.

Using the construction company example, the buyer at a construction company could build multiple carts that represent current or upcoming jobs. Over time they can continue adding items to their saved carts. Once they are ready to place the order they simply log into their account, go to their Saved Carts area, activate the cart they are ready to purchase and process the order.

Saving favorite items

Having the ability to save “Favorite Items” is extremely beneficial for customers as well as increasing your orders. If your catalog includes thousands of products your customer can simply add individual products to their “Favorites List”. These could be products that they will need often, or items that they don’t need at the moment but know they will need in the future. At anytime the customer can log into the site, navigate to their “Favorites List” and add items to their cart.

Templated Carts

Some large businesses sell the same exact items to their customers every month, quarter or year. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if this was your job and you had to place the same order of 100 products every month!?

Instead, xTupleCommerce allows your customers to build “Templated Carts”. This is similar to the Saved Cart feature, but the Template is saved to their profile for use time and time again. They simply build a cart of all the products that they buy regularly then save that cart as a “Templated Cart”. In the future they can log into their account, navigate to their “Templated Carts” and activate one of the Templated Carts. This will fill their shopping cart with their saved products and quantities. At that time they have the ability to add/remove products from their cart or modify quantities before checking out. Imagine how much time you just saved for your customer!

Quick order entry

We recognize that in the B2B eCommerce world not everyone is looking for a glamorous experience. Sometimes people just want to quickly log into their account and process an order as fast as possible. For these use cases we have developed a “Quick Order Entry” product list in the xTupleCommerce System.

Instead of showing product pictures and descriptions the user simply sees a long list of products. This can include the entire product catalog, one of their templated carts, or a saved cart. Then the user has the ability to tab through the quantity boxes and update the amount of products they need. The system processes these updates using AJAX which does not require the page to refresh during every change! As soon as their order is ready, they check out and jump into their next task. You’ve just made buying from you extremely fast, efficient and painless!

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