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In the B2B world it is not uncommon for customers to have customer credit or an authorized purchase amount. You need to offer multiple payment options to allow customers to checkout in the best manner for them. This is especially helpful for customers that are making significantly sized purchases. For these large purchases your customer may not want to use a credit card.

In these cases you can associate customer credit with a customers account in the ERP and that credit will allow them to make a transaction on the eCommerce site without processing a credit card.

After they add items to their cart and proceed through checkout they will have the option to either “Pay by Credit Card” or “Pay with Customer Credit”.

Additionally, if one of your customers is behind on payments you can flag their account in the ERP (this can be manual or automated). If their account is flagged the eCommerce system will notify them that they need to contact you. The system will allow them to save their cart for the future but it will not allow them to process their order.

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