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How Lincoln Electric is winning the digital marketing game

This is a case study of how a manufacturing company, Lincoln Electric, captured my attention and has kept me engaged for several years through on-going email marketing newsletters, YouTube videos and other digital marketing strategies. Continue reading

Let’s stop thinking about CRMs and start thinking about Customer Relationships

If you are a business professional, then you’ve heard the acronym CRM. Everyone knows it stands for Customer Relationship Management. Everyone is aware that it represents software that is used to store information about customers. Their addresses, phone number(s), email addresses, and perhaps some background information including how the customer was met and what they are interested in buying. If you have a great sales team then your CRM even includes details about the customers personal life like their spouse’s name, their favorite vacation spot or if they enjoy any particular sports.

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Shooting Great Product Photos for your eCommerce Business

Great photos sell more products! Your product photos are crucial to your success when selling products online using your own eCommerce site. Customers expect to find high quality, high resolution images of your products from varying angles and perspectives, highlighting details and features. Images are powerful; we remember what we see more than what we read. Here are my top eight (8) insights — and TWO bonus pro tips — for shooting great product photography.

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Back from a 2 year hiatus

You may notice that my previous blog article is dated April 8th, 2016. That’s over 2 years ago. Pretty big gap I know. But it’s no coincidence that April 8th is exactly seven days before my son’s (our second child) birthday. This year, he is turning two. See the thread here? To put it mildly, things got a bit hectic two years ago and writing blog articles was temporarily put on the back burner.

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