The New B2B Marketing Industry

The world of marketing has changed. Especially in the b2b marketing industry. Successful marketing used to be a toolset of tactics that usually revolved around advertising and utilizing space. It was the act of getting your name “out there” so people would learn about you and your services. Then buy from you. The past b2b marketing industry used devices such as publication advertisements, press releases, trade shows, billboards, tv ads, radio ads and many other “spaces” for telling the customer about your organization, product or service. From talking to many advertising and marketing gurus with several decades of experience, they explain that it was that easy. Run an ad in a publication and watch the sales grow. Dump money into a TV ad and watch the customers come running. It doesn’t work like that any longer. That’s not enough. There is a new b2b marketing industry. And it’s time for everyone to adjust.

Today the new b2b marketing industry includes terms like Growth Hacking and Content Marketing. The role and responsibilities of the marketer is less about tactics and more about Product Market Fit, content creation, managing editorial calendars and building relationships with customers. What I’ve observed is a lot of traditional marketers are uncomfortable in this new territory. The rug has been pulled out from under their feet and they are left learning to do their job all over again.

Truly, it’s not that complicated. It all comes down to one thing. Relationships.

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Six questions to ask yourself before launching a web business

Often when I meet someone that has an idea for a web business they want to get started immediately working with a designer or developer. I usually suggest that the person spend more time planning in the beginning. They need to focus on the many questions that will help them outline the project before diving in.

Below are 6 important questions that I think everyone should ask themselves before making the decision to launch a web business.

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B2B eCommerce – Challenge #6 – Marketing content vs. ERP content

This is part of a series. See here for the initial post and a list of all the articles in the series – Better B2B eCommerce solutions are coming


If you’ve ever worked on an eCommerce project you’ll know how important content is for increasing conversions. The art of fine-tuning marketing content, campaigns, keywords, and product descriptions is essential for ensuring customers find your products and make purchases. Ensuring that content management is fluid, easy, and non-technical was incredibly important when our team was building xTupleCommerce.

Unfortunately, most eCommerce systems are built to handle products and shopping carts well, but they are not good at building marketing campaigns and various other content types like testimonials, blogs, reviews, and company news. We’ve overcome this problem by building xTupleCommerce on top of the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). The Drupal system handles both eCommerce and content marketing very well. With Drupal we can build content types and make it incredibly easy for customers to manage large amounts of content on their website (blogs, news, marketing pages, landing pages, etc) as well as managing internal ads, promos, homepage carousels, etc.

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Driving traffic to your marketing or eCommerce site

Once you have a website, you have to push people to go to it. When your site first goes live, if you haven’t done any form of marketing, don’t be surprised if you are getting less than 20 visitors per day. This is totally normal. It’s simply because the world doesn’t know that your site exists. You have to begin the web marketing process to get people to visit. Over time you will see those numbers go up, you will see more users engaging with you, and hopefully you’ll see your organization begin to thrive.

Web advertising

The fastest and easiest way to get people to go to your site is through advertising. You can buy Google Adwords, Facebook ads (which are great!), and other ads that will send people to your site. Usually, people want to start here first, but this is an easy way to burn through a lot of money in little time. If you have a budget for web based advertising, and your web site is ready for visitors, go for. The problem is, if you don’t think through a conversion strategy, the traffic may not be worth the money. To be successful with paid traffic you have to devise a funnel that will capture people then carry them through a conversion process. If you don’t have that strategy planned out yet, then I’d avoid burning through that cash. Instead, try the inexpensive methods first and then focus on building a strategy around paid ads.

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