Six questions to ask yourself before launching a web business

Often when I meet someone that has an idea for a web business they want to get started immediately working with a designer or developer. I usually suggest that the person spend more time planning in the beginning. They need to focus on the many questions that will help them outline the project before diving in.

Below are 6 important questions that I think everyone should ask themselves before making the decision to launch a web business.

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4 Prerequisites for a Successful Site

So often, when people are discussing their company website they are often only thinking about the design and the user experience. Those are 2 very important topics of conversation in the planning phase, but they are not the only important aspects to cover. When planning out a new site, ensure that you cover plans for the following.

Mobile responsive design

The term “Mobile Responsive” refers to how your site looks on mobile devices like phones and tablets. A mobile responsive site will recognize what kind of device the user is using to view your site, then it will adjust the layout of the site to be displayed in the most optimal manner for that device.

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How successful are you ready to be?

This is a topic that has popped up for me many times recently. Not especially for myself, but for others around me, customers that I’m working with, friends with high hopes and a random person I met in a grocery store. It may sound like a ridiculous question, but in reality it’s something that everyone needs to ask themselves. Often times, people have these idea’s and goal expectations that in reality, they may not be ready for.

In my spare time I’ll sometimes sit around and pluck the strings of a guitar. I’ve never had a desire to be a musician beyond my living room though I really love music. The idea of being a full-time musician seems so attractive. Until you realize that you will be playing the same songs for the rest of your life… time and time again. Personally, I need regular change. I need things to be moving and changing around me. I’m not sure I could play the same song for years and still love it as much as the day I wrote it.

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