4 Prerequisites for a Successful Site

So often, when people are discussing their company website they are often only thinking about the design and the user experience. Those are 2 very important topics of conversation in the planning phase, but they are not the only important aspects to cover. When planning out a new site, ensure that you cover plans for the following.

Mobile responsive design

The term “Mobile Responsive” refers to how your site looks on mobile devices like phones and tablets. A mobile responsive site will recognize what kind of device the user is using to view your site, then it will adjust the layout of the site to be displayed in the most optimal manner for that device.

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How to manufacturer and sell your idea – My input

Previously, a friend of mine contacted me for advice about how I would get a product idea to market. This is something that I discuss with businesses all the time, going over marketing strategy, understanding your customers and testing the product against the market, etc. I put quite a bit of time and energy into prepping this information for my friend and then realized that it could benefit many more people. Below is the email that I sent back to her. Hopefully it can help you sell your idea.


First, let’s start with some resources

Amazing PodcasteCommerceFuel Podcast –
I downloaded all the podcasts from this series. Then I started with their first one and listened to all of them in sequence. Around podcast number 8 or 9 they really get rolling offering excellent advice, tips, and even telling their secrets about how they launched successful brands online.

Keep in mind that these folks are a mix of creators of products or product ideas. Many of them build relationships with manufacturers, have their products made, then sell online. They talk about all these topics in the podcast. Great information.

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Outlining and planning Contact Us and other forms

Contact us forms seem so simple on the surface. They are simply a form that someone fills out to get in touch you or your business. Behind the scenes though there are many layers of outlining and planning information that need to be thought through.

The Fields of the Contact Us Form

When building a contact us form, you first must define exactly what fields of information you need to gather about the user.

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