MonthAugust 2014

Using a cloud based server infrastructure for your business

Running your business with internal server systems is so 20th Century. If you’re not utilizing cloud technology, I highly suggest that you check out all the awesome things that are available to you. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about when I mention “cloud technology,” just stop what you’re doing and email me, right now…. I’ll explain and help you get on the right track!

Now seriously, this has always been my plan: to have a business that could operate from any location at a cost-effective price that did not require a lot of maintenance. I wanted to ensure that I would have 100% access to our entire vault of project files, business information, and everything else at all times. It wouldn’t matter if I was in my office in Norfolk, VA, in my living room, at a meeting in San Francisco, or working out of the back of a Winnebago.

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John Cage and social media

When I first learned about John Cage’s 4’ 33” in college I found it equally profound and inspiring. The general premise of 4’ 33” is for musicians to stop playing/performing for four minutes and thirty-three seconds in a live environment. When the musicians halt the making of sound, the audience and the environment is the only space left to create “noise.”

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