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How computer interfaces are changing the world of music

For centuries, people have been playing music. The process of becoming a musician requires so many different skills. For example, let’s look at the piano. To become a pianist you must have an understanding of musical notation, train your hands in muscle memorization, understand music theory, and practice, practice, practice.

With the advancements in computer software in the music industry though, this experience is changing. Today there are software programs that allow users to develop scores in their home “studios” (aka, living room) on a computer without hardly any musical background at all. That’s not to say that you don’t need skill or talent to make this kind of music. You still need to understand how to make a rhythm that sounds good, how to develop a harmony, and ultimately understand how to build the structure of a song. But what you can now avoid is the years of practice, practice, practice.

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How successful are you ready to be?

This is a topic that has popped up for me many times recently. Not especially for myself, but for others around me, customers that I’m working with, friends with high hopes and a random person I met in a grocery store. It may sound like a ridiculous question, but in reality it’s something that everyone needs to ask themselves. Often times, people have these idea’s and goal expectations that in reality, they may not be ready for.

In my spare time I’ll sometimes sit around and pluck the strings of a guitar. I’ve never had a desire to be a musician beyond my living room though I really love music. The idea of being a full-time musician seems so attractive. Until you realize that you will be playing the same songs for the rest of your life… time and time again. Personally, I need regular change. I need things to be moving and changing around me. I’m not sure I could play the same song for years and still love it as much as the day I wrote it.

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The commitment to gaming and what it could mean for our next generation

Recently, I had a fantastic opportunity to get a private tour on the German Sachsen class frigate (aka, German warship). This vessel, built in 2004, was amazing! The technology, the quality of material, the speed of the ship, and the fact that it could take on just about any threat on the open sea or air, to say the least, was impressive.

The young man that gave my brother-in-law and I the tour was truly proud to “show off” the vessel. I lucked out because my brother-in-law speaks fluent German, so the young sailor felt very comfortable taking us behind the scenes and explaining all the details of the ship.

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