MonthNovember 2014

B2B eCommerce – Challenge #1 – Sales Reps

This is part of a series. See here for the initial post and a list of all the articles in the series – Better B2B eCommerce solutions are coming


Let’s imagine that you are a manufacturer or distributor selling a range of products. You have a team of sales reps that process orders on behalf of their customers or accounts. These sales reps may be your direct employees or partners.

If you don’t have a web based solution for your sales reps to process orders then they are likely meeting with their customers, collecting orders, then processing those orders manually in your ERP or over the phone.

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Outlining and planning Contact Us and other forms

Contact us forms seem so simple on the surface. They are simply a form that someone fills out to get in touch you or your business. Behind the scenes though there are many layers of outlining and planning information that need to be thought through.

The Fields of the Contact Us Form

When building a contact us form, you first must define exactly what fields of information you need to gather about the user.

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