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B2B eCommerce – Challenge #3 – Multiple user’s purchasing on behalf of one company

This is part of a series. See here for the initial post and a list of all the articles in the series – Better B2B eCommerce solutions are coming


In large B2B transactions it’s typical for a business customer to have multiple user’s making purchases. A lousy solution to this problem is to create one account for the customer and then expect all their user’s to share that username/password. Instead, a better solution is to associate multiple eCommerce accounts with one customer account.

Let’s imagine that you sell building materials to construction companies and your construction company customers are buying materials for multiple jobs. However, the construction company’s account should be keeping record of the purchases in the ERP and each purchase should be affiliated with the appropriate project. The project managers for those jobs may need to buy materials for each of their individual projects. Instead of calling their headquarters to place orders it would be much more efficient to allow them to log into your eCommerce site and purchase the materials they need for their one job.

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How to manufacturer and sell your idea – My input

Previously, a friend of mine contacted me for advice about how I would get a product idea to market. This is something that I discuss with businesses all the time, going over marketing strategy, understanding your customers and testing the product against the market, etc. I put quite a bit of time and energy into prepping this information for my friend and then realized that it could benefit many more people. Below is the email that I sent back to her. Hopefully it can help you sell your idea.


First, let’s start with some resources

Amazing PodcasteCommerceFuel Podcast –
I downloaded all the podcasts from this series. Then I started with their first one and listened to all of them in sequence. Around podcast number 8 or 9 they really get rolling offering excellent advice, tips, and even telling their secrets about how they launched successful brands online.

Keep in mind that these folks are a mix of creators of products or product ideas. Many of them build relationships with manufacturers, have their products made, then sell online. They talk about all these topics in the podcast. Great information.

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