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Defining Page Tables for Creating Content

This article references the use of Content Types. I covered the concept of Content Types


Page Tables are a concept that is built on top of content types. If you’ve never heard of content types you should start by reading the article listed above.

Page Tables are simply the definition of each content type offered to the content manager that will be collecting content. Once they have the content types, they then have a template for exactly what information they need to gather when developing content for the website. This enables the team member to begin collecting, organizing and formatting content before the project is even in the design phase.

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Content Discovery and Defining Content Types

The term “Content Types” is a technical term that I’ve adapted from the Drupal world. Content Types simply refer to types of content that could be on your site. For example, News could be a content type on your site. This is a type of content that appears over and over again and always has the same structure. For instance, when you are on most websites and are viewing the News you’ll notice that the structure of the news is almost always the same.

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