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If you’ve ever worked on an eCommerce project you’ll know how important content is for increasing conversions. The art of fine-tuning marketing content, campaigns, keywords, and product descriptions is essential for ensuring customers find your products and make purchases. Ensuring that content management is fluid, easy, and non-technical was incredibly important when our team was building xTupleCommerce.

Unfortunately, most eCommerce systems are built to handle products and shopping carts well, but they are not good at building marketing campaigns and various other content types like testimonials, blogs, reviews, and company news. We’ve overcome this problem by building xTupleCommerce on top of the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). The Drupal system handles both eCommerce and content marketing very well. With Drupal we can build content types and make it incredibly easy for customers to manage large amounts of content on their website (blogs, news, marketing pages, landing pages, etc) as well as managing internal ads, promos, homepage carousels, etc.

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