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As a large scale business, you want your customers to have the flexibility to build orders over time and not lose their work. Imagine that your customer builds up large orders over time before processing an order. We have built multiple tools for quick order entry that allow your customers to easily manage the purchasing process. Below are several examples of how these tools are used in the B2B eCommerce world via xTupleCommerce.

Saving your cart for a future purchase

Let’s imagine that you are selling building materials to construction companies. It would not be uncommon for the customer to log onto the site and begin adding required products to a cart but not be ready to process the purchase until a future date.

With our Saved Carts feature a customer can build one or several saved carts to their profile. This means that they can add multiple items to a cart and save that cart to their profile with a name that they choose. They can even save several carts in their profile.

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