Hi, I’m Joshua Fischer. My friends call me Josh.

I make web projects successful.

My passion is in helping businesses use the web as a tool for growth. I’ve found myself in leadership roles for over a decade either starting businesses, working inside companies building and launching new products, or growing small startups with other colleagues. I used to own and operate a web agency where my team helped small business and non-profits improve their presence online. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about what works on the web and what doesn’t. I really enjoy helping others and I share the knowledge as best I can. That’s why I’ve created this blog. To share with you the insight I’ve gained while in the trenches.

My professional timeline

2018 – Present

Professionally, I’m the Senior Product Manager of the Commerce Edition at Acumatica. Since 2018 I’ve been leading an effort to build a commerce enabled cloud based ERP solution. The technology at Acumatica is outstanding and the team is unexcelled. We have made a lot of progress since 2018 and I’m happy to say that our solution is (almost) everything I wanted it to be.

2013 – 2018

Before joining Acumatica I was the Product Manager of a B2B eCommerce platform at xTuple – an open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) company. My team built a B2B eCommerce solution that was constructed on top our distribution of Drupal. The eCommerce platform included a real-time integration to xTuple’s ERP. Drupal actually relied on the ERP’s database for all product, customer and transactional data. The Drupal database was only used for content marketing. And the entire system (using Drupal 7) was restructured to be Object Oriented… and it was all released months before Drupal 8. Needless to say, I was proud of what our team accomplished. We called the platform xTupleCommerce.

2009 – 2013

Before joining xTuple I owned and operated a web agency called Artsmith Media. It merged with xTuple after a partnership on the development of xTupleCommerce (I wrote an article about the merger here). The whole Artsmith Media team merged into xTuple and became the Web Services Group.

Our Artsmith team worked on large websites for national brands and non-profit organizations. Our team specialized in using the web to support strategic business initiatives, content marketing, and developing engaging and useful web experiences for customers and constituents.

My content

For years I’ve been helping B2B businesses use the web to add an eCommerce sales channel to their organization. This includes a lot of education and guidance as these businesses (usually manufactureres and distributors) are not accustomed to using the web to grow their business.

Additionally, I find myself regularly helping colleagues and friends grow business ideas online. Whether they are growing an existing business, a startup, an eCommerce shop or even building their own individual platform and brand I love helping them grow and I find my suggestions and input is be generally universal. I’ve realized that the knowledge I share can apply to anyone and many situations. Instead of containing this information I’ve decided to present it to anyone that is willing to listen.

I write about web strategy, launching startups, productivity, leadership, online presence and growth hacking. My goal is to provide insightful content that you can utilize in your web projects and web businesses. If you are launching a startup, manage a business or non-profits web presence or simply want to grow your organization with web strategy, this blog is for you.

My Contact Information

I’m always excited to meet new people, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can also connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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