Last week I was perusing some interesting posts on I came across a post about Hubspot. This topic has been on my mind lately because we’ve been discussing ways to integrate Hubspot with our system, xTupleCommerce, and the article stood out to me because it asked “What do you recommend as a replacement to Hubspot?”

As I read the writer’s question, I noticed that the first response with the highest number of up votes was from the CTO and founder of Hubspot, Dharmesh Shah.

Now, let’s stop for a minute and think about what 99% of founders would do in this situation. Most would explain their product in a way that would reengage the user. Some would defend their product and suggest that the user may simply need more training. Others may even suggest a quick call with their tech team to help the user be more successful with the product.

But that’s not at all what Dharmesh did.

Instead, he offered a solid answer to the question never once pulling the customer back into Hubspot.

This kind of open, honest, straight-forward “realism” is what makes a great leader in today’s business environment. Understanding that your product isn’t the best fit for every user and understanding your competition well enough to offer it as a solution in some cases shows confidence and integrity. In fact, if we think about this even deeper, this is the perfect execution of today’s marketing strategy. It’s honesty, empathy and understanding. In this instance Dharmesh is stepping outside of his role as founder and CTO and simply answering a fellow business person’s question the best that he can. It’s content marketing at it’s best.

Suddenly, because of this honest response, Hubspot moved up a few steps in my book.